In 2004, Sally Hazelgrove, founder of Crushers Club, surveyed many gang-affiliated youth in Englewood, asking them what would get them off the streets. Boxing was the top response, becoming Crushers Club’s first programming platform. Today, boxing training, a music studio and a leadership and mentoring program are the core platforms of the Club. Since 2013, over 350 youth have joined Crushers Club, including over 90 young people who have been justice-involved.



Boxing has become the heart of the club giving the youth a safe outlet and structured training. We use boxing to teach them respect, hard work and dedication towards a goal.

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Music Studio

For many of our members, music is a way to express their feelings, frustrations, hopes and dreams. We teach our members how to write lyrics, compose music, record and publish their work. We give them a platform for expression and they develop their talents.

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Leadership and Mentoring

Respect and love is the core of all our programs. We want our members to help the next generation of Crushers and care for one another. Our mentoring program encourages older members to teach and guide younger Crushers.

Crushers Club is a beacon of hope. This program saves lives on a daily basis.
— Juvenile Probation Officer Dominique Scalzetti